Warehouse-Lighting COM LLC

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New Berlin
Industry: Lighting systems
Year founded: 2008

Warehouse-Lighting COM LLC provides LED lighting fixtures and related products for industrial, commercial, architectural and residential applications. Additionally, Warehouse-Lighting diagnoses lighting needs for its customers, provides lighting layouts and makes recommendations.

Applications include commercial space and office buildings, apartments, condos, television and movie sets and many others.

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The largest obstacle for Warehouse-Lighting is the lack of knowledge about the benefits of LED lights in the market. According to chief executive officer James Abraham, there are still companies that don’t use LED lighting because they don’t know about its benefits. To counter this, Warehouse-Lighting strives to provide that information and holds special programs for contractors, electricians and other trade customers.

Recently, Warehouse-Lighting launched a new website with added support for customer service, sales and tech areas of the company.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Failure is not an option.”

– James Abraham, CEO

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