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BT360 is the storytelling arm of BizTimes Media. We create 100% customized content and inbound marketing programs based on your needs, market, customers and goals.

Working as your partner, BT360 creates content, enhances your existing content, fills your pipeline with leads, nurtures leads into sales-ready prospects and positions your company as a thought leader in your market.

Since 1995, BizTimes has provided content, news and best practices to the SE Wisconsin business community and their leaders. With BT360, you can leverage our content expertise, market knowledge and built-in audience to grow your business.


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Maggie Pinnt
(414) 336-7127

Research, Audit & Strategy

Match your company objectives with our deep expertise to conduct brand research. Develop insights, innovation, thought leadership, conversations, and deepen relationships with your target market.
• Buyer Personas • Market Research Study • Digital Media Audit • Social Audit • Ad Creative Study

Content Creation

Leverage our industry expert writers, editors, designers and distribution to develop e-books, white papers, custom publications or long-term custom content programs at any scale.
• E-books • White Papers • Infographics • Direct Emails • Video Creation • Photography • Custom Publications • Sponsored Content

Custom Events

Custom events are a powerful and interactive format to reach your target audience in-person or online. With the robust BizTimes audience, you can generate quality leads. Enlist your own subject matter experts to build exclusive content for your live custom events.
• Group / Custom Webcasts • Virtual Roundtables • In-Person Events

Deployment & Distribution

How can you get more out of existing content that you've already invested in creating? And how do we distribute custom content that we help you create? Multiply your exposure through BizTimes' highly-qualified reach of business executives on multiple platforms.
• Web • Email • Social Media • Programmatic • In-person Events

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Capture data about the people who interact with your custom content. Employ our smart marketing automation capabilities to nurture these leads with additional content and move them through your sales pipeline. Build stronger connections with customers and prospects and grow your business.



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