Award Nominations

Bravo! Entrepreneur/I.Q. (Innovation Quotient) Awards

2018 BizTimes Bravo! / I.Q. Award winners

Presented by BizTimes Media

Event Date: May 28, 2020

This prestigious awards program, a main stage event at the annual BizExpo, celebrates the region’s most creative and innovative entrepreneurs as well as innovative products, services or processes developed by Southeastern Wisconsin companies.

Watch for the 2020 call for nominations soon.

Ideal Bravo! Entrepreneur nominees are individuals who demonstrate the best traits of entrepreneurship including willingness to take risk, drive, perseverance, flexibility and more.

Ideal I.Q. (innovation quotient) nominees are companies who develop innovative products or services, or those with notably unique and innovative processes, operational structures and/or market strategies.

Future 50 Awards

Event Date: September 20, 2019

Thank you for your nominations.

In partnership with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce

Ovation Awards: Celebrating business excellence in Kenosha County

Event Date: November 7, 2019

More information.

In partnership with the Kenosha Area Business Alliance

Nonprofit Excellence Awards

Presented by BizTimes Media
Event Date: November 1, 2019

BizTimes Media presents the sixth annual awards program to salute southeastern Wisconsin’s best corporate citizens and most effective nonprofit organizations.

The awards will shine a light on excellence in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. The recipients of the awards will be saluted at a breakfast program on November 2nd, 2018. Nominate the people and for-profit organizations who are making a positive difference in the community by donating their time, talent and treasure. Nominate the nonprofit organizations that are making the region a better place to live, work and play. Self-nominations also are encouraged!

Thank you for your nominations.

Corporate Citizenship Awards

Corporate Citizen of the Year:
This award is given to a for-profit organization in recognition of its impact to a single or multiple nonprofit organizations through financial contributions collective efforts to promote, encourage and organize fundraising efforts and company-sponsored programs and/or events engaging employees to participate in volunteerism.

Corporate Volunteer of the Year
This award is given to a for-profit non-executive volunteer who demonstrates outstanding dedication to a nonprofit or multiple nonprofit organizations. Active volunteerism can be ongoing or linked to a specific single project or cause.

In-Kind Supporter
This award is given to a professional or company that provides in-kind support to single or multiple nonprofit organizations through any type of non-financial contributions.

Next Generation Leadership
This award is given to for-profit, (under 40 year-old) executive who demonstrates leadership and significant contributions to single or multiple nonprofit organizations through active leadership on a board and/or strategic management/guidance.

Nonprofit Awards

Nonprofit Collaboration of the Year Award
This award recognizes a collaborative project that encompasses developed collaborative relationships with other nonprofit organizations engagement of multiple stakeholders within the community being served and innovation in approaching a community problem or issue and have leveraged these relationships to make an even more meaningful impact in the community. Note: since this award recognizes a project that may involve multiple organizations or individuals, it may be “awarded” to more than one part of the project in recognition of their contributions.

Nonprofit Executive of the Year
This award is given to a nonprofit leader who demonstrates vision and innovation in advancing the mission of the nonprofit extensive involvement in a nonprofit and/or creativity in bringing new resources and opportunities to the nonprofit.

Nonprofit (organization) of the Year
This award is given to a nonprofit organization (not an individual) in recognition for creativity and innovation in building a sustainable organization excellence in teamwork and an outstanding dedication to the organization’s mission in the community organizational excellence in management and operations
– Large (operating budget $3M and above)
– Small (operating budget under $3M)

Social Enterprise
This award recognizes a nonprofit organization that demonstrates creative application of the principles of social enterprise in the operation and funding of the organization.

Health Care Heroes

Presented by BizTimes Media
Event Date: December 13, 2019

The Health Care Heroes awards, presented by BizTimes Milwaukee, salute the accomplishments of people and organizations making a positive difference on the front lines of health care.

Recognize the people and organizations that are making a difference every day by providing superior health care in our region. Winners will be featured in the December 16, 2019 issue of BizTimes Milwaukee

Nominations now closed.
Winners will be notified early November

Advancements in Health Care:
Honors a company or individual primarily responsible for a scientific discovery or for the development of a new medical product or procedure.

Behavioral Health:
Honors an individual or an organization for their leadership, commitment and care on behavioral health issues.

Community Service:
Honors an individual or an organization for leadership in focusing on solving a particular health care issue.

Corporate Achievement in Health Care:
Honors a company or organization that has successfully implemented an innovative health care product, process or service.

Executive Leadership:
Honors a senior-level individual who demonstrates strong skills in leading their organization in quality care, collaboration and financial management.

First Responder:
Honors a person who arrived on the scene of a healthcare emergency utilizing their training to treat and comfort the patient in need.

Health Care Staff:
Honors an individual who has made a significant difference in the well-being of others.

Honors an individual from the nursing field whose performance on the job is considered exemplary by patients, peers and physicians.

Honors a physician whose performance on the job is considered exemplary by patients and peers

Honors an individual who has done volunteer work for the good of one or more people or the entire community.