The missing piece: Social media in inbound marketing

It’s easy for well-known companies like McDonald’s and Samsung to make a splash in social media – their brands are established and they’re using these platforms creatively to add dimension and personality to their products.

But for B2B companies or those with complicated product offerings, it’s a bit more challenging – and many experts claim that social media isn’t right for these types of businesses. This is not the case. Social media is a key component of inbound marketing strategy and can boost lead generation.

Inbound marketing is a puzzle with many different pieces that must fit together for you to see results. The foundational elements of your strategy – buyer persona development, goal setting and key messages – are the border, defining the structure of your marketing plan and helping you decide the next steps to take. Your content makes up most of the picture. It’s the main draw for your audience, the valuable information that only your company can provide. It helps you build a strong reputation and trust among your prospects and clients. The trick is getting it in front of your target audience.

Most companies use their websites and blogs to fill in the background of their strategies, using these vehicles to tell their brand stories on their own terms. Search Engine Optimization can help you get found by the people who are actively looking, but what about the people who haven’t yet started their search? Social media can build a bigger audience and drive new eyes back to your content.

The form of your content can help you choose the right social network for sharing. White papers or case studies are great for sharing on LinkedIn. Twitter can help drive users back to your website or build a following based on the external links you share. Do you have an interesting manufacturing process or an active corporate culture? Share your story on YouTube or Instagram. And if the network you choose isn’t the right fit, don’t be afraid to change it up. Social media could be the missing piece that completes your inbound marketing strategy.

Nikki Butgereit is a brand journalist at Milwaukee-based Primum Marketing Communications.

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