The last word: Share your vision

Morgan Sampson
Morgan Schnabl, owner of Brunch MKE

Last updated on September 11th, 2019 at 10:57 am

Morgan Sampson is founder and owner of Brunch, a breakfast and lunch eatery with locations in downtown Milwaukee and Brookfield. The business is currently relocating its downtown restaurant to a larger space nearby and plans for a third location are in the works. Sampson says it’s important to share your company’s vision.

“One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned through my entrepreneurship journey is to make my vision for the company known, and to remind myself daily what that vision is. The reason this has been so vital is that it has allowed me and my entire leadership team to make decisions based on where we know we are going. We know our path and we take pride in it. We aren’t making decisions based on feelings or circumstances, yet on where we know we will end up.”

“I’ve been faced with a lot of big decisions, especially lately, that have determined the path of my company. I opened Brunch in 2016 with a clear path of expansion, opening my second location in 2018. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve pivoted when necessary. Yet, I’m very aware and make sure my staff is aware that our plan is growth.

“Every unplanned situation that pops up, I can tackle it head-on knowing exactly what it should look like at the end. Having a clear and defined vision takes away so much uncertainty. We plan to open our third location next year, and a fourth after that. Franchising is the end goal. While we make amazing food and provide awesome customer service, we are also an outstanding place to work. I can’t wait to see how many great leaders we can produce and how many opportunities we can provide.”

18895 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield 714 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee (opening fall 2019)
Industry: Restaurant
Employees: 50

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