The importance of character

David Werner


Park Bank


Independently owned and operated Park Bank of Milwaukee has served the business community of southeastern Wisconsin for more than 95 years. Bank president David Werner shares his thoughts about the importance of character in business.

“The recent Future 50 Awards were an excellent reminder of one of the key reasons that southeastern Wisconsin is a good place to do business. I believe it all comes down to character – an attribute shared by every one of the strong, growing companies highlighted among the Future 50.

“We’re fortunate to have so many companies of character in our region. As the Future 50 demonstrate, we’re rife with businesses that stay true to the highest standards of ethics, core values and commitments. Everywhere I look, I see companies doing the right things, not just for customers, shareholders and investors, but also for employees, families and the community.

“This level of commitment is crucial because the fates of businesses, individuals and our community are intertwined. People of strong character support companies of strong character. Those companies support a strong community, which in turn supports strong individuals. And so on.

“It’s a symbiotic relationship that cultivates an environment where others want to do business – a stable, business-friendly climate that endures through political and economic upheaval.

“After all, particularly during challenging times, character is one of the most important factors in determining success. Every day, business owners and employees rise to the challenge, bringing their vision and passion to their companies and customers. At Park Bank, we consider these attributes an important factor when partnering with customers. A company’s integrity, enthusiasm and drive for success are characteristics we value. Supporting strong, dedicated companies elevate all of us and ultimately contribute to building Milwaukee’s reputation.

“Together, we’re improving the community and economy around us. That takes an ongoing commitment to character, and I’m proud to say we’ve got character in spades.”

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