The convergence of HR and social media

Following industry trends
Networking is huge, so it’s no surprise that great opportunities exist in social media. LinkedIn is one social network dedicated to professional relationships. By joining relevant groups to your industry you can keep up with best practices, collaborate with industry influencers, and network with valuable business connections.

The demand for talented team members is a huge concern for companies today. Luckily, building a social presence will help you build relationships with potential job candidates. Your current employees can also vouch for your company by sharing job openings with family and friends.
Representing your brand
It can be unnerving that your employees represent you on social media. Take the time to train them to represent your organization well. This training will create a strong social media plan that also maintains more lines of communication between you and your customers.

Receiving real time information
Social media provides customer confidence through real-time communication. This could mean creating accounts specifically for customer relations, or simply allowing customers to contact their representatives through social. Either way, the customer gets that piece of mind.

Maintaining your reputation
Social media increases your public visibility. A frustrated employee might vent on social, leaving everyone with a negative impression of your company, while an employee who feels appreciated might also share that experience. Remember that your reputation will be attached to those messages
-Josh Kasombo (@JoshKasombo) a content specialist at Milwaukee-based Keystone Click (@KeystoneClick).

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