Take time to reflect

Examine your own approach


Is it time to re-evaluate your performance and maybe reinvent yourself as a leader?

Many of us think it, and if you don’t, why not? Do you initiate it? You reflect back: Where have you come from, where are you at and where to you want to go yet? Do you sit and think about what was, where you are and what is to come?

Shouldn’t we all do so as leaders? Shouldn’t leaders be required to take a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror each and every day, as well as every year? Shouldn’t you look at the inside and the outside? You are the leaders now; shouldn’t you be helping to provide the empathy and needed ear for our emerging, evolving new leaders?


Shouldn’t we look long and hard at ourselves? Gather information from our peers or colleagues in our industry? From our work family? Outside of our industry? From our family? From our friends? From our community members?  Then, do you listen? Do you listen and hear what you need to in order to be the best leader? To be a “doing” leader? And the list goes on… shouldn’t you?


What do you want to rewind back and do again because it was so right, so good, so whole? What do you want to fix, change and make better? Do the same? Do you want to do this at work and at home or just work or just home? Does this make sense to mix home and work? Is it tolerated to do both? Do you need to do one or the other? Do you design with love, hate, fear, greed? Do you design with others in mind or is it all about yourself, your team? Do you design with partnerships, collaboration or teammates, and how do you distinguish what you do by yourself or with others? Do you want to do these boldly, quietly, with risks, or the safe path… together with others? By yourself?

Do we keep asking ourselves what makes us who we are? What makes us stand strong, stand humbly, stand with conviction and who in the world cares? Or why in the world should you care?


How do you “do”? When, where and how, do we do what we do? And mostly why? Why do you do what you do? Because you should, because you are passionate about what you do. Because someone says you should, because, because, because… aren’t you responsible to ourselves and others who ask the same questions? Aren’t you supposed to sit and think? Aren’t you a leader? Don’t you need to lead? Don’t you need more of the leading by doing?

And next year… what do you do then? Where are you? What’s next? Why are you where you are? Are you evaluating what you discovered, designed and are doing?

Let’s hope you are leading and working together. Listening carefully, sharing vulnerably, conducting yourself accordingly, and taking risks to help grow the person you are, the team you work with, the organization you represent and the community of which you are a part.

Let’s hope we are all doing and leading. Let’s hope we are the “doing” leaders. Let’s hope you are leading now.

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Patricia J. Lenius is a founder and principal creative strategist for PJL & Associates, LLC. She provides strategic creative “Outside of the Box” thinking bringing her clients new revenue stream options, as well as solutions for challenges they face with the ever changing economy. As an active member in the community, Patricia serves as a board member for both the Wellness Council of Wisconsin, and the Wellness Compliance Institute.

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