Notable Women on Corporate Boards: Lisa Reardon

CEO, OwnersEdge Inc.

Lisa Reardon, CEO of OwnersEdge Inc., and Micheal Dover, president of R&B Wagner, Inc., joined the R&B Wagner board within one year of each other. Dover says he has seen Reardon’s positive influence on the board in many areas.

“As the CEO of an ESOP company, OwnersEdge, Lisa has provided valuable guidance to R&B Wagner on its journey as a relatively new ESOP company itself,” Dover said. “She introduced me to the ESOP regional and national organizations and helped shape our internal ESOP communication team to expand our understanding and messaging to employee/shareholders.”

Reardon regularly gives her time to the ESOP Association to expand its communication and mentoring programs.

 “Lisa has brought a passion for human development, work culture, career growth along with corporate governance, incentive plans, strategic planning, and product planning to our board,” Dover said. “She serves on our Compensation Committee and has been instrumental in plan designs for R&B Wagner’s executives.” 

In addition, Reardon has been an invaluable board member for Kesslers Diamond Center for the past eight years, according to Kesslers president Joe Gehrke.

“Lisa’s experience as a CEO in an ESOP-owned business really helped us in that transition from a privately held company to one that is owned by 100+ employees,” Gehrke said.