Nonprofit of the Year – Large: Zoological Society of Milwaukee

Last updated on March 17th, 2020 at 01:35 pm

For more than a century, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee has helped further the Milwaukee County Zoo’s mission of animal conservation, education and community outreach.

Founded in 1910, the nonprofit organization offers camps, classes, field trips and school programs to more than 200,000 Milwaukee residents.

With executive director Jodi Gibson at its helm, the organization has raised $19 million towards a $25 million campaign goal for the zoo’s major renovations, which include creating permanent habitats for animals in its African Adventure area. The new hippo exhibit, for example, will showcase amenities such as a 60,000-gallon pool and a beach.

“The Milwaukee County Zoo adds to the quality of life of residents and is one of southeastern Wisconsin’s most popular and cherished destinations in the region,” said Steve Jagler, director of corporate communications for GRAEF, which nominated the society for the award. 

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