William Freisleben
Director of Community Development

General Contact Information: W156N8480 Pilgrim Rd., 53051-3140, (262) 532-4270, (262) 532-4299 (fax)

Comprehensive Plan: Village of Menomonee Falls does not currently have a Comprehensive Plan as mandated by the state of Wisconsin. We are in the process of preparing such a Plan for the Village, and we are part of the cooperative effort to create a mandated Comprehensive Plan for Waukesha County.

Basic process of approval or denial of a development plan:

• 1st Make an appointment with Department of Community Development Staff to discuss the project and obtain the appropriate forms and schedules.

• 2nd Submit plans, complete application forms, and fees.

• 3rd Make a presentation to the Plan Commission, Architectural Control Board, and Village Board, as necessary.

TIF Districts:

TIF No. 2 (1991) Redevelopment District known as Village Center located on Appleton Ave. & Main Ave. The expected year of closure is 2014.

Beginning Value (1991) $22,413,600

Value (2007) $64,110,700

TIF No. 4 (1996) Industrial Heritage Reserve Corporate Park on Good Hope, East of Appleton. Expected year of closure is 2011.

Base Value (1996) $9,887,008

Value (2007) $117,476,200

TIF No. 5 (1999) Industrial Westbrook Corporate Center on the NE corner of 124th & Main Sts. Expected year of closure is 2015.

Base Value (1999) $17,027,500

Value (2007) $60,927,500

TIF No. 6 (2006) Redevelopment District for the Main Street Redevelopment Area along Main Street from Fountain Blvd to Pilgrim Rd, and extending west to Water St.

Expected year of closure is 2026.

Base Value (2006) $52,056,700

Value (2007) $54,164,000

Redevelopment Aid:

Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

The Revolving Loan Fund provides low interest loans of up to $100,000 for fixed asset purchases, building and site renovation, and working capital. The program requires the creation or retention of at least one full-time equivalent job for each $20,000 of RLF investment, the jobs created or retained must benefit low- and moderate-income persons, and there must be private sector leverage in an amount that at least matches the RLF loan amount.

Tax Incremental Financing (TIF)

Tax Incremental Financing is a financing program that allows the Village to designate areas of the community as tax incremental districts. By creating tax incremental districts, the Village is allowed to finance infrastructure improvements and other public purpose projects through the taxes collected on the increase of value for taxable property, or the tax increment, resulting from development and redevelopment projects.

Economic Development: Master Fund: Businesses that are located, or are willing to locate, within the boundaries of the Village Centre Tax Incremental District (TID #2) are eligible to borrow up to $15,000 to finance fixed asset purchases, expenses incurred in site redevelopment or building renovation, and working capital. Master Fund loans are provided at below-market interest rates and require the leveraging of private sector investment in an amount that at least matches the Master Fund loan amount. In addition, a building design fund provides grants of up to $2,500 to finance design services related to exterior remodeling and restoration projects.

Local Revenue Bonds: The Village provides fixed-rate financing, at below-market interest rates to manufacturing businesses that purchase land, buildings, and new machinery and equipment. Businesses access this financing through the issuance of industrial development revenue bonds or redevelopment revenue bonds. Industrial development revenue bonds are sold on behalf of the Village of Menomonee Falls, and are exempt from Federal income taxes. Redevelopment revenue bonds are sold on behalf of the Village of Menomonee Falls Community Development Authority, and are exempt from Wisconsin and Federal income taxes. Bond issues can be used to finance 100 percent (100%) of the costs associated with a financing project.


– Kohl’s office addition of 350,000 s.f. located in the Silver Spring Corporate Park. This project is currently under construction and is being developed by Kohls.

– A new marketplace at Appleton Ave & Good Hope Road. This project is currently under construction and being developed by Weas Development.

– A new 140,000 s.f. medical office complex at Appleton Ave & Northfield Drive. This project is currently under construction and being developed by Ryan Companies.

– 60,000 s.f. of new commercial development on Silver Spring Dr between Lilly Rd and Pilgrim Rd. These projects are currently under construction.

Fee Schedule:

 1) Rezoning     $1000

 2) PRD    $50 per unit

 3) Conditional Use    $1000

 4) Planned Infill Development     $500

 5) Village Centre Overlay (Remodel)    $200

 6) Village Centre Overlay (New)    $1000

 7) Residence – 3-family, Row Housing, Apartment    $0.25/sq. ft.

 8) Manufacturing and industrial buildings, warehouses w/incidental offices $0.15/sq. ft

 9) Permit to start construction of footings and foundations $500

10) Occupancy permit: per occupancy

      a. Residential – new    $50

      b. Office, Industrial, Commercial – new $100

11) Reinspections $75

12) Special Inspection $1,000 min

13) Upon failure to obtain a permit before work has started  Double Fees

Time Schedule for Plan Approval: The typical time from initial review to the final approval of a development plan is about 90-120 days.

Building or Growth Moratoria: The Village does not have any moratoria in place.

Environmental Issues: There are no environmental issues unique to the Village of Menomonee Falls.

Internet Connection:

– Basic Map

– Special Programs offered by the Community Development Department

– Full Code of Ordinances

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