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EmbedTek LLC is building next generation touch screen controls

Touch-screen displays and controls have become increasingly commonplace in recent years – showing up in applications such as ATMs, medical equipment, computerized mapping systems, fitness equipment and manufacturing and industrial machinery.

While the applications that use touch-screen controls can vary widely, they all share common elements – a controlling computer that is matched with a flat panel screen.

Hartland-based EmbedTek specializes in touch-screen control systems, and designs and builds controls used in applications as diverse as marine navigation, retail kiosks, high-end exercise equipment, automated dairies, and medical devices like MRI scanners. The company is also now beginning to do some military contracting.

 All of the control and touch-screen systems that EmbeTek makes share common features – but each system is designed for its unique application. Systems that are used in the marine environment must be water-tight and resistant to saltwater, those used in dairy processing need to be stainless steel and watertight, and ATMs that are placed outside need to withstand the elements.

“Marine navigation systems need to have water tight seals,” said Kent Tabor, president and principal of the company. “Dairy automation (controls) need to be sealed from all types of material so they can handle pressure washing.”

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