Leveraging the right wireless communications platform

Share information and improve your team’s efficiency.
Share information and improve your team’s efficiency.

Whether with one person or a team of fifty, communication is essential to our job function.  What we may not consider is: are we using the most efficient communications platform for our job?

While there is a place for detailed conversations in our day-to-day duties, there is also an overlooked need for instant and reliable group communications: responding to emergencies, locating missing items, coordinating events, keeping workers safe, even mundane but brief communications – the list goes on.

Take the time to read through these questions and see how your organization would benefit from incorporating a different communications platform.

  1. Do we work as a team – regularly sharing information and duties while responding to a dynamic work environment (facilities, janitorial, maintenance, security, logistics, etc.)?
  2. Are our teams regularly communicating with, or within, the same group(s) of people?
  3. Would team members benefit from knowing what is going on within the department or organization, in real time?
  4. Are our teams frequently engaging in brief communications?
  5. Do our teams need instant communications (no dialing, ringing, voicemail, etc.)?
  6. Would our teams benefit from a highly available, independent communications system?
  7. Would it benefit our teams to receive real time information on, or even control, our in-house systems (alarm, access control, HVAC, process control, etc.)?
  8. Would our organization benefit from decreasing recurring costs?
  9. Would our teams benefit from using rugged and repairable communications equipment?
  10. Would our teams benefit from being kept on task – limiting distractions?

Each one of the above ten questions addresses a point, at which, professional two-way radio excels.  Additionally, each point represents a real world, professional two-way communications solution we have implemented for our customers. 

As a company, we have connected hospital campuses together, via their computer network, to centralized dispatch for security and maintenance. We have linked district schools in the same way. 

We can provide real-time status information for fire suppression, alarm systems and even panic buttons for reception and common areas. Additionally, we can provide access to control remote gates, PC generated alerts and messages, provide customer assistance kiosks among other communication services. Professional two-way radio communications technology has experienced unprecedented  growth and development in the last ten years.  

Professional two-way communications differ from other two-way systems in several ways. An FCC license is required (helping to ensure interference-free communications). Professional equipment is rugged – built to more demanding specifications, using higher specification components and designed to be repaired. Professional two-way equipment also uses higher power levels to allow for increased communications range and coverage and is also programmable to grow with changing needs.

Viking Communications has been serving Southeastern Wisconsin since 1964.  We have full-time sales and technical staff to design, install and maintain your wireless communications system.  We also service, in-house, many of the items we sell. 



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