KPH Construction, Corp.

Location: 1237 W. Bruce St., Milwaukee


Year Founded: 1999

Product or Service offered: KPH offers general contracting, design build construction, construction management, storage and logistics, consulting and environmental services.

Projected 2010 Revenue: $25 million

President and CEO: Keith Harenda

Other key leadership members: Steve Madziarczyk, vice president of construction; Kert Harenda, environmental director; Rod Reineke, controller; Leo Talsky, director of mentoring and incubator program; Christy De Luca, matketing and communications director and Patty Conklin, project executive of storage and logistics.

Target Clientele: Healthcare, government, commercial, education and environmental

Business Organization Memberships: AGC, ASHE, CMAA, IFMA, PFMA, USGBC, WHEA

What has fueled your company’s growth?

“Our growth has been fueled by pursuing and procuring work in the surrounding states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Further, we have been successful in seeking and maintaining new relationships as well as expanding our core services of healthcare, government and mentoring minority firms.”

What has been the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth?

“The biggest obstacle we currently face is keeping up the with our expanding clientele base and their needs, while not losing touch of the smaller company mentality that has made us who we are today. The challenge of adding new people and molding them into a cohesive unified team requires a great deal of time and dedication.”

Do you have any planned changes for your company in the coming months?

“We expect to utilize our newly LEED certified staff in an effort to expand business and reposition the Environmental Division to respond to the emerging “green” market demand. Additionally we would like to continue growing our market share in other states.”

Who are the business people, locally or nationally, whom you admire? What traits do those people exhibit that make you admire them?

“Bill Gates, who took an idea that no one believed in and made it Microsoft. Sam Johnson who runs a company that is family owned and operated that sticks to the basics and continues to have a good price with satisfying results.”

What is the outlook for the business conditions of your industry over the next several months?

“Though the outlook is challenging, those of us who deliver a good product to the client will survive.”

What has been your company’s key strategy for rising out of the recession?

“To combine the appropriate amount of expansion and internal structuring, along with executing projects on time and on budget will ensure KPH’s short and long term success.”

Congratulations from the strategic partners behind KPH Construction Corp.

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