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Last updated on January 24th, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Savvy business owners and c-suite executives are always looking for strategic and innovative ways to leverage their financial position. Historically, a commitment to solar energy was a hot button to support sustainability-focused marketing messages and brand positioning, but today it is considered a prime investment opportunity.

As businesses contemplate their financial position for 2022, solar energy can be a profit and loss (P&L) game changer. There are on-balance and off-balance sheet benefits for commercial businesses to invest in solar energy.

On-balance sheet benefits

Continued education is needed on the financial benefits of solar energy. It is not an overstatement to call this investment a P&L game changer. Business owners are often surprised as they learn more about the on-balance sheet benefits of a solar project. An investment in solar energy:

  • Increases the value of a business
  • Creates tremendous cash flow and EBITDA improvements
  • Lowers current rates, and locks rates in for 30+ years
  • Produces annual dividends between 10% and 20+%
  • Yields an increased value for a business for sale

“Solar energy is a great opportunity for portfolio diversification with a significant and steady return on investment,” says Ray Hoffman, marketing manager for Current Electric Company.

Off-balance sheet benefits

While sustainability-minded business owners have been first adopters of solar energy, all business owners are becoming aware of the off-balance sheet benefits. Implementing sustainable practices, such as solar energy investments, is more than an environmentally conscious corporate value, it is a best practices tool for marketing, sales, and recruitment.

From a marketing perspective, it provides messaging to support community building. It makes a business, such as a manufacturing facility, a promotable good neighbor. This also supports sales. Furthermore, from a sales perspective, more and more big box stores along with the Department of Defense are requiring sustainability reporting from their supply chain. A solar investment is a way to comply with these pressures and win contracts.

And when it comes to winning the war for talent, given a choice between a company with sustainable practices and one without, businesses committed to environmental responsibility have an edge with potential employees. It serves as a beneficial recruitment tool.

What’s the catch?

An investment in solar energy is like selecting the right stock option, it has to be a good fit for the balance sheet. Businesses that have a volatile or turbulent income statement and an unpredictable need for access to capital are not necessarily a good fit for this financial option.

Solar energy investments are usually a longer, smarter play for businesses in a harvesting cash mode with solid balance sheets and predictable results. “Those who have established businesses with things running smoothly are a good fit as well as those looking to transition to an ESOP or pursuing a sale,” says Hoffman.

The solar industry is growing and businesses looking for a smart investment in 2022 will find solar projects offer a broad range of on and off-balance sheet benefits.

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Jim Sullivan has over 30+ years of manufacturing, leadership, and consulting experience. As Commercial Solar Sales Developer for Current Electric Company, he educates business and commercial property owners on the ROI potential of renewable energy. He is passionate about showing how an investment in renewable energy can help increase profits, attract and retain employees and customers, and enhance brand image. Jim is committed to helping businesses leverage their financial position with a solar energy investment.

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