Hentges, Christine

Last updated on May 13th, 2019 at 02:42 pm

Christine Hentges,   Vice President
Pinelawn Memorial Park and the Tribute Companies

Hartland, Wi

What does your daily or weekly fitness regime consist of?
"Cardio and weights; fitness videos 4-5x/week. walking, jogging and biking outdoors when the weather allows."

Other than the obvious health benefits, how has being fit improved your life?
"Leading by example for children, co-workers and friends. Makes shopping fun and allows many more fun and funky clothes to be worn. Mental stability and stress release are a huge benefit to being fit."

How does personal fitness affect your work life?
"Allows me to stay ahead of everyone mentally and physically and to be able to get through long days with consistent, positive energy."

Do you have a corporate health or wellness initiative?

How does fitness or wellness affect your overall organization?
"Helps me organize my schedule in a way that assures personal time which is very necessary and rewarding for me and all people who are a part of my life."

What advice do you have for other executives interested in starting either a personal fitness plan or corporate wellness initiative?
"Get others involved. Generally executives are hugely competetive in nature, so this competetive spirit drives the initiative, success and endurance of any plan or wellness program."

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