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Left to Right, Morgan Plagenz, Jim Harasha, Jerry Jendusa, Paul Schulls
Left to Right, Morgan Plagenz, Jim Harasha, Jerry Jendusa, Paul Schulls

Last updated on April 6th, 2021 at 03:41 pm

As we go through this unique time in history, I want to commend how amazing southeastern Wisconsin has been for our businesses.

Entrepreneurialism is all about growth, however, the term “growth” means something different to every entrepreneur.  

I became BizTimes Milwaukee’s first subscriber shortly after starting my own business. My journey came with many mistakes and lessons where I defined what growth meant for me. 

In almost all cases, however,  growth doesn’t come from one person. It comes from helping each other out, trusting your team, relying on a network of like-minded individuals, and partnering with those who want to grow with you. One of my great pleasures is taking what I learned and now being able to help other businesses grow.

My team turned our mistakes into opportunities and created a systematic  method that propelled our growth.  After selling, we opened STUCK where our focus is now helping other businesses grow through our like-minded partners. Those partners use our systems to complement their own services. Scale Up Milwaukee, Lauber Business Partners, Ascend Talent Strategies, IBAW, White Lane Group, and KnotMagic are just some of the partners we work with. When you have a network of individuals that share the same goal of helping entrepreneurs succeed and create jobs, there is no limit to the impact you can have on the community and world. 

Another way that our local business owners and leaders are helping each other is with their peer advisory groups. These confidential and non-competing groups are individuals who help each other reach success by providing advice and proven tips.

As an entrepreneur in your extended network, here are 5 tips I have for you:

Get out of your own way and grow through others.

Share your purpose and your “why” statement. This creates employee and customer loyalty. 

Always cascade a growth-minded culture.

Get everyone on the same page with a single-page plan. Keep others aligned and accountable.

Amazing things will happen when you empower, involve, and trust your team

There is nothing more powerful than the great minds you surround yourself with. It doesn’t matter if we are facing challenging times or are the greatest time in history. We are always going to be working together to find success.  That concept is truly amazing. 

Congratulations to BizTimes on your 25th anniversary and thank you for all the work you do for our business community! 

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