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Last updated on April 12th, 2021 at 03:51 pm

The stronger people are financially, the stronger we are as a community. That’s the driving principle behind every credit union. At Summit Credit Union we live that commitment by providing free, nationally recognized financial education to hundreds of thousands of people, Summit members and nonmembers alike.

With the introduction of Financial Wellness for Employees by Summit, we’ve taken financial education a step further – into the workplace – with an innovative program inviting employers to partner with Summit on a critical, yet often overlooked, employee benefit: financial wellness. 

Financial worries are on the rise. And studies show that employees carry financial stress to work. Financial Wellness for Employees by Summit helps people face their financial realities with confidence. And that pays off for both the employer and the employee, who is happier and healthier (and more productive) at work – and in life!

This is a free, customized, easy-to-administer program for companies who want to lead the way in employee benefits. For example, in fitting the program to your company’s needs, we might include on-site coaching events to address your employees’ overall areas of interest. At the same time, we would offer online, on-demand education that’s tailored to each unique individual. That flexibility to deliver top-notch financial education to your employees at home or in the workplace – at no cost — can be especially reassuring right now. 

And reassurance is what financial wellness is all about. 

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Sarah Campagna is managing vice president of business development & financial empowerment at Summit Credit Union. Financial Wellness for Employees by Summit Credit Union is designed so that with a single program, each of your employees can learn to take the best next step to financial success. And then keep going.

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