Corvisa acquires Codebox

Milwaukee-based Corvisa LLC has acquired Codebox, a web-based developer Integrated Development Environment.

Corvisa, which offers cloud communications services, is headquartered at 1610 N. Second St., Suite 101, in Milwaukee. Last year, the company nearly doubled its office space in the Schlitz Park complex, to 35,000 square feet, and added about 100 jobs companywide. It now has approximately 200 employees, more than 100 of whom are based in Milwaukee.

The company, which changed its name from CorvisaCloud LLC in January, also has locations in Chicago, Tampa, Fla., and Kansas City, Mo. Its parent company, Novation Companies Inc., is based in Kansas City.

Codebox was previously owned and operated by FriendCode Inc., which was founded in 2014 in Oro Valley, Ariz. FriendCode has several open source development platforms.

Corvisa integrates contact center software, business phone systems and connectivity services into one business communication platform, hosted in the cloud, called Summit. It offers users access to the code for the platform so they can customize it to their needs.

The company will integrate Codebox IDE into its Summit platform to provide a quicker, simpler way for businesses and independent developers to create real-time communications applications. It will also maintain and sponsor Codebox IDE as an open source project.

“We built Summit as a true (Platform-as-a-Service) solution so that developers could spend less time managing infrastructure and setting up their environments, and more time writing code,” said Matt Lautz, Corvisa president and chief information officer. “The addition of the Codebox IDE eliminates several setup tasks that were previously needed to get started, making it even easier for customers and developers to build real-time communications apps that are reliable, scalable and secure.”

“I can’t think of a better home for Codebox than Corvisa,” said Aaron O’Mullan, co-founder of Codebox. “They not only share our vision for building great developer tools and simplifying development processes, but also embrace open source and understand the core values it represents. Thanks to a powerful integration with their Summit Platform and the continued investment in Codebox as an independent service, Codebox will play a key role in helping clients build real-time communication applications. I am very excited about Codebox’s future.”

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