CEO Q&A: David Metzger, Accelerated Analytical

Last updated on April 6th, 2021 at 04:09 pm

BizTimes: When/how did Accelerated Analytical start?

Dave Metzger: The company started as a side gig in my garage, where I developed testing and analysis methods that were both precise enough for the FDA market and delivered the rapid turnaround and customer service that the environmental market needed. Now we have around 50 employees and a 20,000-square-foot lab.

BT: Describe Accelerated Analytical and what kind of testing you do.

DM: We provide ISO17025 and cGMP microbiology and analytical chemistry testing for a variety of industries including food, OTC and pharmaceutical. During the initial outbreak we were designated as an essential industry as we are a support laboratory to companies like Purell. Our primary function is to provide companies with solid defensible results for compliance testing. We recently added COVID-19 antibody testing and we are a manufacturer of our own testing materials.

BT: In addition to Accelerated Analytical what other companies do you own?

DM: We also own Titan Labs, which manufactures cutting-edge CBD products; Accelerated Cannabis Laboratories, which tests hemp products such as edibles and tinctures as well as plant material; Accelerated Analytical University (AAU), an education program we started in 2016 to train college students and industry professionals to prepare them for jobs like those within our lab; and our newest addition Accelerated Diagnostics, which focuses on drug screening, drugs of abuse testing and COVID testing.

BT: Can you describe your services as it relates to Accelerated Diagnostics and the onsite COVID Testing?

DM: Accelerated Diagnostics provides an onsite, one stop shop approach to testing. Through strategic alliances with key partners such as REM Occupational Health and End Point Solutions we are able to provide a turnkey approach to employee testing and monitoring. This approach gives company owners ultimate control over how they respond and mitigate their COVID response.

BT: Does Accelerated Diagnostics do drive-thru COVID-19 testing? If so, how does it work?

DM: We are working on it and plan to be live by month’s end. It would be very similar to what is done with the National Guard’s testing. Our testing would include two stations — the paperwork would be done and the patient registered at the first station. The next station would actually provide the COVID testing. It’s a nasal swab, but not the dreaded Nasopharyngeal (NP) swab.

BT: Can Accelerated Diagnostics do testing at a company’s physical location?

DM: Accelerated Diagnostics offers onsite services, which is completely unique to us. We are the only lab offering onsite COVID testing, making it easy and convenient for your employees. Most importantly, it keeps your company in control of a potential COVID-19 outbreak.

BT: Are your testing services covered by insurance?

DM: Testing is covered by insurance at the hospital sites and pharmacies. Our affiliated partner, REM Occupational Health and Wellness, is in-network for United Healthcare. Most testing sites are capable of covering this test through insurance.

BT: What is a company’s potential next steps to consider your testing services?

DM: If you and your company are concerned about an employee testing positive for COVID-19 or would like to take proactive steps to protect your workforce, there are preventative measures that can be taken. We can serve as one of those solutions.

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