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Getting PR in Biztimes Milwaukee/ Tips #3 & #4

Tip #3
Getting PR in Biztimes Milwaukee/
Network / Build Relationships with Reporters
BizTimes Milwaukee’s editorial staff prides itself on being open, accessible and always interested in expanding networks of potential news sources.  Invite the appropriate BizTimes Milwaukee reporter for a tour, an introduction to your company, to meet your staff, to your next open house, etc…  Approaching editorial staff without expectation for immediate gain goes a long way…there’s a reason we learned the “golden rule!”  Attending BizTimes Milwaukee events is another great way to network with local business owners and executives as well as convenient to run into editorial staff.  It’s only natural that the more familiar they are with you and your organization increases the likelihood that your next press release stands out from the crowd.

Tip #4
Getting PR in Biztimes Milwaukee/
Expert’s List
Who do you have in your organization that has unique industry experience, technical knowledge, expertise, or authority?  Compile a list of these individuals along with their background, areas of expertise, and contact information, and then submit it to one of our editorial staff members.  Reporters are always looking for trusted sources for validation of content in articles.  It’s a great way for your organization to gain exposure awareness without the need for a major product launch, etc…

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