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Last updated on May 20th, 2022 at 11:58 pm

In a recent entry in the Milwaukee Biz Blog, I wrote about how technology solutions can help businesses stay afloat in this new economy. While it’s true that companies today evaluate every decision that affects the bottom line, some are also simultaneously concerned about how these decisions impact the environment.

Some companies don’t realize that the same solutions can meet both objectives. In many cases, technology can cut costs while also reducing the overall impact on the environment.


Here are a few technology tips that can help you save money and the environment.

Avoid phantom energy
Leaving power cords for devices plugged in can consume energy and result in a higher energy bill. Unplug devices that you’re not using to reduce “phantom” energy costs.

Save energy with virtualization
Consolidate your servers virtually to save energy. By reducing the number of physical servers in your office, more energy is saved and less money is spent on power and space.

Sleep at the end of the day
Choose sleep settings for your PC when not in use, allowing your PC to use less energy. Many PCs already have a default setting for sleep mode, but it doesn’t hurt to be sure it is on.

Work remotely
Endorse remote working to reduce the effects of travel on the environment and reduce associated costs by as much as 30 percent. Live Meetings, video conferencing and instant messaging can make working remotely as easy as working in your office.

Use energy-efficient hardware
Choose a laptop over a desktop to consume less energy. Laptops consume less than 30 watts at full performance, compared to desktops that can use anywhere from 60-150 watts at full performance.

Build a recycling program
Establish a program to recycle old equipment. Tens-of-millions of functional computers are discarded each year by businesses, organizations and individuals. If your company generates a lot of metal waste, you should start communicating with a Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling Services provider. In addition, you may contact a commercial paper recycling service company if you need help managing and recycling your paper waste.

To find a recycler near you, go to

Use less paper
Use programs like Office OneNote or SharePoint to reduce the amount of paper you use. SharePoint allows coworkers to share information and collaborate on documents without needless printing.

Calculate your savings – cost and energy
Use applications such as the Microsoft Desktop Energy Savings Calculator to conduct a full sustainability assessment to show your cost and energy savings.


Many companies are trying to find solutions to reduce operational costs that don’t include employee cutbacks. With these tips, businesses can effectively use technology to reduce company costs and also shrink their carbon footprint.

Rob Busch is the Wisconsin enterprise sales manager for Microsoft and serves clients and partners in the company’s Waukesha office. For more information, visit

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