A unique social media plan for 2013

Many people suffer from triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. Instead of fearing it, embrace it and use it to your advantage in your social media marketing for 2013!

First, create 13 themes or key phrases your company wants to be known better for. They can be already written articles or existing white papers – anything you want to focus more of your attention on in the coming year. Throughout 2013, write or expand the articles to be white papers. Or, if the articles you’ve written are good enough and need no revisions or if your white papers are already written and still relevant, grab the URLs for them and save them in a special file you can easily access later.

Next, plan out 13 new articles about these themes. These could be how-to articles that explain how to use your product or service. They could be case studies of client successes or case studies of your business’ successes. In these articles, you’ll want to include your theme for 2013 and link to the original 13 URLs with the key words in your theme.

Now, locate 13 businesses you want to share these new resources with. They could be existing clients, prospects you’ve always wanted to connect with or anyone you know who would benefit from your information.

Lastly, and most importantly, craft personal messages to these 13 people with a link to the first resource, explaining how it will benefit their business in 2013, and then link to your article. Send it on Jan. 13. Then each month on the 13th, create and send another personal message, and another, until you’ve sent almost all the messages. Include the last one as a wrap-up right near year-end.

See, this triskaidekaphobia isn’t so bad after all!

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