Will the last one out please turn out the lights?

    So, southeastern Wisconsin loses another company to an adjacent state! Does anyone care in Madison? Where is the magnificent 7?

    The state of Iowa comes in and gives Husco International Inc. of Waukesha nearly $4 million in benefits to move to Iowa … $4 million keep that in mind folks …. What does the Wisconsin Department of Commerce of our fair state offer to keep a strong and growing firm in the state? An offer of assistance of $600,000. Oh, and a hardy we would love to have you in Wisconsin speech. Who is running this department? And again, where is this Magnificent 7?

    Well, you know the outcome, Waukesha loses a long-time business leader for the corn of Iowa and the true assistance they were looking for. Oh, yes, Wisconsin gained big time … Wisconsin gained egg on their face for being so dumb to think in today’s business environment that you can talk to us growing businesses like we are here for their benefit in this state tax hell. Oh, and again, where are the Magnificent 7?

    I am not an idiot. I know that firms start all over the country and move, but come on, Wisconsin, get your head out of your bottom. Do you really think Coor’s/SAB will choose Milwaukee because of a great marketing tag of "The Brew City?" My god, is your ego that pathetically large? Let’s see what Milwaukee has to offer:

    • Milwaukee & Wisconsin are a tax hell.
    • You have a great airport run by a bunch of idiots.
    • You have a great sherriff and a strong new police chief, but they are still weeding out the bad seeds.
    • You have a state with a budget shortfall every year and a plan based on not paying this bill this month to paying it next month philosophy.
    • You have a strong county executive with a board that is too large.
    • We have strong universities, but we have Milwaukee Public Schools that is a failure.

    Does the State of Wisconsin and the supposed Magnificent 7 really know what companies in southeastern Wisconsin need to be here for success in the region? Are you two even in communication with each other over companies? Come on, team, get your heads out of your back end. Start acting like a major player state in the United States of America and start working together, or you will soon find this company leaving as well!

    Christopher Carter is the chief executive officer of CCI in Milwaukee.

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