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What does your daily or weekly fitness regimen consist of?

I like to mix up my routine to make it more interesting.In the spring,summer,and fall I will run 30-40 miles a week, swim 3 miles a week, bike 120 miles a week,and have a much needed massage every week.

What fitness clubs do you belong to, if any?

WAC and Bally’s Total Fitness. I am a member of Tri Wisconsin triathlon club.
Other than the obvious health benefits, how has being fit improved your life?
I really enjoy food! I am able to satisfy my tastebuds when I want and not battle the bulge!

How does personal fitness affect your work life?

I am a very driven person that relies on the workouts and the competitive events to humble you when you need it most. I have my most creative thoughts when I am exercising.

Do you have a corporate health or wellness initiative?


What health/wellness organizations do you contract with, if any?

I lead by example in competing in triathlons, running races, and other events that inspire our people to explore their inner self.

How does fitness or wellness affect your overall organization?

Do it now and create a plan for your people!

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