Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc.

    Address: N16 W24132 Prairie Ct., Suite 220, Waukesha, WI 53188

    Website: www.timobrienhomes.com

    Year founded: 2007

    Product or service offered: Green and energy efficient home building

    Projected 2012 revenue: $24 million

    Leadership: Tim O’Brien, president; Mark Neumann, vice president; Matt Neumann, secretary/treasurer

    Target clientele: First and second time move-up buyers

    Business organization memberships: National Association of Home Builders, Wisconsin Builders Association, Metropolitan Builders Association, Waukesha County Business Alliance, Green Builder Coalition

    What has fueled your company’s growth? “Diversified product portfolio, strategic land purchases, hiring the right people.”

    What is the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth? “Consumer financing and lack of new residential development.”

    Do you plan any changes in your company in the upcoming months? “We will be hiring more support staff due to our growth.”

    Who are the business people, locally or nationally, whom you admire? And what traits do those people exhibit that make you admire them? “Edward Deming – the founding father of Total Quality Management and his determination to show statistically that 85 percent of the problems in organizations are process related and only 15 percent are people related. Very much in opposition to the common belief at that time. Tony Hseih – author of ‘Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and People’ Demonstrating the importance and benefit of a healthy organizational culture.”

    What is the outlook for the business conditions of your industry over the next several months? “Relatively stable as everyone waits to see what happens with the November elections.”

    What is your company’s key strategy for rising out of the recession? “A positive, collaborative attitude. There is business out there to be done if you look in the right place and at the right time.”

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