From Concept to Completion: Sprecher Freezer Brews

Credit: Lila Aryan

Last updated on July 3rd, 2019 at 07:21 pm

Linnea Harrington

Milwaukee-based Sprecher Brewing Co. recently rolled out a product that puts a cool twist on craft beer. Sprecher Freezer Brews are frozen, spiked treats made with beer and fruit, “kind of like an adult freeze pop,” said president Jeff Hamilton. After experimenting with about 20 different beers and various fruits, Sprecher settled on three flavors: Mango, using its Mango Radler wheat ale; Lime & Sea Salt, using its Acapulco Golden Mexican-style ale; and pineapple, using its Pineapple Express Belgian Tripel. Currently, the 6-ounce popsicles can only be enjoyed in the seats at Miller Park, but starting in late May, they will be available in six-packs at grocery and liquor stores.

Mid-2017: Linnea Harrington, owner of Milwaukee-based Linnea’s Pops & Liqkers, approaches Sprecher with the idea of using the brewery’s sodas and beers as ingredients for handcrafted frozen treats. Linnea’s produces and sells alcoholic and nonalcoholic popsicles using fresh fruit, liquor and bitters.

August 2017: Sprecher works with Harrington to create an early version of Freezer Brews that are first sold during the Wisconsin State Fair. Branded as “Beer Icey” or “Beer Frostie,” hey are available in three flavors – Pineapple Express, Mocha Stout and Lemon Hefe Weiss.

February 2019: The product and its packaging are further developed to become shelf-stable, meaning they can be stored at room temperature in a sealed container for long periods of time before consumption. Sprecher pilots the new and improved Freezer Brews at the Pittsburgh Pirates’ spring training facility in Bradenton, Florida.

March 2019: After Sprecher introduces Freezer Brews to the Milwaukee Brewers’ concessionaire, Delaware North, it agrees to sell them as vended products in the Miller Park seats. Because they’re frozen, vendors don’t carry Freezer Brews like they carry soda or beer. Instead, they make a trip to the nearest storage freezer each time the frozen treats are ordered.

Late May 2019: Sprecher Freezer Brews are expected to be sold in packs of six at grocery stores and liquor stores throughout the state.


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