Security Personnel Inc.

LOCATION: 8518 W. Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, WI  53222
Uniformed security officer services.
$5 million

LEADERSHIP TEAM: Nancy Hyndman, president; Richard Fuller, chief financial officer; Tom Godwin, general manager; Rebecca Schatz, human resources; Jon Zolinski, scheduling manager; and Rick Dempsey, fleet manager.

TARGET CLIENTELE: Our client base is as diverse as the public and private sectors that comprise the greater community of Milwaukee and the surrounding areas of Wisconsin.  SPI currently provides security services to retailers, banks, nursing homes, corporate offices, industrial complexes, schools and construction sites, to name a few.

BUSINESS ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIPS: ASIS, locally & nationally; TEMPO; COSBE Executive Roundtable; BSCAI; NAWBO; and Downtown Security Network

WHAT HAS FUELED YOUR COMPANY’S GROWTH? In recent years we’ve experienced a cultural shift towards a greater public awareness of security.  Consumers and industry have expressed a strong desire to ensure both persons and property are protected. Along with that mandate came the realization that public law enforcement agencies alone could not adequatley meet the burgeoning security demands of our society.  Increasingly, merchants and corporations have reached outside state and local law enforcement.  Both individually and collectively, they’ve made a commitment to engage in risk assessment and expand their security operations by hiring private firms specializing in contract security.  From banks to malls, to corporate headquarters, it’s become commonplace to expect a degree of contact with private security guards.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE TO YOUR COMPANY’S GROWTH? By its very nature, the contract security industry is extremely competitive. Contracts can often be won or lost for pennies an hour, and while companies are buying more security than ever, they want to minimize the impact on their bottom line.  From inception, we’ve offered a service that stands above the competition.  Through self imposed standards of skill and professionalism, we’ve been able to get the message out to our prospective clients … resist the urge to bargain hunt when your safety and security are on the line.  In a high visibility industry plagued by soaring turnover, low pay, few benefits and scant oversight, SPI has consistently maintained a position of trust.  We’ve turned our greatest obstacles into an asset.  Our clients know, you get what you pay for.

DO YOU PLAN ANY CHANGES IN YOUR COMPANY IN THE UPCOMING MONTHS? The contract security industry is continuously evolving and adapting to the rapidly changing needs of the marketplace. To get out ahead of growing demands being placed on our field supervisory staff, over the next several months, we’ll be focusing on expansion of our training programs.  In addition to applications that are designed to develop depth of knowledge on a broad spectrum of skills, our training incorporates site specific modules tailored to facilitate implementation of security plans.  SPI is engaged in a highly visible profession, and our credibility is directly linked to the position of trust we maintain with our client base.  Skills proficiency and professionalism form the cornerstone of trust.

WHO ARE THE BUSINESS PEOPLE, LOCALLY OR NATIONALLY, WHOM YOU ADMIRE? AND WHAT TRAITS DO THOSE PEOPLE EXHIBIT THAT MAKE YOU ADMIRE THEM?   Two names immediately come to mind, not only for their business acumen, but for their commitment to their corporate families and their community at large.  The first, Joseph Zilber, I know by reputation only.  The second, Joseph "Bud" Morgan, was a cherished friend and mentor until his passing in 2001.  Undeniably, both these men achieved tremendous success in their respective fields.  Significantly, each of them turned the talents and skills that drove their careers towards philanthropic endeavors that enriched lives of countless individuals both within and outside the Milwaukee community they both loved.  I had the distinct honor of working with Bud Morgan on a number of his charitable endeavors, and I still draw on the passion and zeal he brought to every event.  As a society, we talk a great deal about role models.  These two men have given us templates for success not only in business, but in life.

WHAT IS THE OUTLOOK FOR THE BUSINESS CONDITIONS OF YOUR INDUSTRY OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS? Most business leaders would agree that increased security is a critical component of weathering rough economic times.  The Labor Department has predicted that employment of security guards will experience faster-than-average growth through the year 2010. Our expectation is for continued growth over the next several months, and beyond. To ensure our readiness to meet the growing demands of the marketplace, we have aggressivley increased recruiting, and are analyzing current crime demographics against trends in the security industry …locally, across the state, and nationally.


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