Real Estate Profile: Gregg Thompson

CEO of BCI Group

Company: BCI Group (formerly Bukacek Construction Inc.)
Title: CEO
Education: UW-Madison, bachelor of science degree in environmental engineering
City of Residence: Town of Somers in Kenosha County
Hobbies and Interests: Family, skiing, golf, cycling, music, fishing
What are you working on? "Strategic plan implementation, managing the company’s professional growth, land search for our new LEED building, new web site and company rebranding, and business development."
How does the market look to you? "The market is strong in the Chiwaukee corridor. There are some owners waiting to see what the economy does this year, but in the meanwhile large distribution warehouses, retail, light industrial and health care projects are very active."
What was the best deal you’ve ever been involved in? "The best deals are when we have the opportunity to partner early on with the owner and their or our architect. We then have the ability to analyze and give input on how to deliver the project on budget and on time with the highest quality. The collaborative effort of everyone working together to deliver the best value for the owner is very rewarding, provides the owner with the greatest outcome and usually results in long lasting and meaningful relationships. Our Educators Credit Union and Whole Foods Market projects are great examples of this process."

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