Project a powerful image

    Whimp junction is never a fun place to be. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s in parenting, reaching  goals, overcoming challenges, managing others or making that sale, the power you exude can  determine how you successful you are.

    One’s "power image" incorporates one’s ability to master interpersonal skills and self-discipline combined with a personal belief system that incorporates integrity, dignity and honesty. If you feel your past record hasn’t been too great when it comes to how you handle yourself in regards to having a powerful image, this article is for you.

    1. Do a self-inventory. What is your potential? There’s a saying: Most of us live life like we ride a 10-speed bike;  we only use one or two gears. If you used all of the potential you had, who would you be? How would that change your life? Make a list defining your strengths.

    2. Package yourself for success. People will remember how you look 30 percent longer than they will remember what you say. There are very specific tips that will help you "send the right message" and position yourself as a winner.

    3. Make first impressions count. Don’t fidget. Be organized. Watch your body language and gestures. First impressions are made within seven to 21 seconds of someone meeting you. Enter new situations with confidence and graciously. A great way to improve your confidence level is by joining a local Toastmasters Club, where you can polish those skills and maximize the power of those first impressions.

    4. Be prepared for a situation. Focus on the outcome. What is it that you want to accomplish? Then prioritize and develop your steps needed for accomplishing them.  Keep in mind whom it is that you will be interacting with. What are their expectations?   What do you need to do to not only fill expectations but to exceed them.  

    5. Be a doer. We all know people who are quick to expound on what they are going to do, and then they do nothing. These people quickly become known as puffs of hot air.   Instead, be a person who actually makes things happen. Eliminate procrastination and idle chit chat. Now, think in terms of: What are the options? What do we need to do and how will we do it? Then do it.   

    6.  Refine the power of positive thinking. We know that positive energy attracts positive energy. Positive thoughts energize and make us more motivated, more enthusiastic and more determined that we can handle anything that is dealt us. Powerful words: "I’m confident that…" and "tell me what you need …" and "you can count on me …" not only send a message of confidence to others, but will bolster your own convictions.

    7. Listen, listen, listen. What is the No. 1 sales technique? "Shhh." The big hazard for people in sales is that they have a product sold and don’t know when to be quiet. They talk themselves right out of a sale. Active listening promotes a feeling of trust. Use eye contact, and a sincere interest in every word. Listen with the intent to retain.

    8. Face challenges boldly. The way you respond to challenges and difficulties will tell people a lot about you. Avoid the temptation to be wishy-washy, instead, give an opinion or you might say, "Let me have some time to weigh the pros and cons of this." (Then follow up with your conclusions.)

    9.  Be responsive. Always, always, always return phone calls.

    10. Help someone.  Adopt a benevolent outlook. What can you do to make a difference in your community?

    D. Kinza Christenson is president of Kinza Presentations & Consulting Group in Lac La Belle, Wis. She is a national speaker, trainer, author and columnist. For additional information, visit

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