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American Orthodontics is building braces

Millions of Americans have had braces to straighten their teeth, and there is a good chance that at least some of the components used in the process were made by Sheboygan-based American Orthodontics, a manufacturer of tubes, brackets, bands, springs and related components that orthodontists affix to teeth to form braces.

Because of technological advances, many orthodontists have stopped or decreased their use of bands. Instead, many are using the tubes and brackets made by American Orthodontics that can be glued directly onto the surface of the tooth, said Michael Bogenschuetz, president of the company.

“We make extremely small, comfortable low-profile tubes,” he said.

Tube systems are made for molars, while brackets are used on other teeth. With their smaller designs, both systems are now commonly glued directly to teeth, instead of being fastened with bands.

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