Huebsch should stop the excuses

    Wisconsin is sick of the excuses. It’s time for the partisan bickering to end and for the legislature to pass a state budget once and for all.

    Unfortunately, Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem) and his Republican negotiating team are making it clear they would rather bend to the special interests than do their jobs – no matter the harm to the people of Wisconsin.

    First, they don’t think we deserve the same health care we pay for them to have. Then, they don’t want us to do anything about Big Oil gouging consumers. And then they want to protect Big Tobacco. It goes on and on.
    It’s time to "stop the excuses!"

    At One Wisconsin Now, we put together our list of what we think their next excuses could be in the coming weeks. And we only have nine, because we want to find out what you think the next excuse will be. Here’s the list, in our opinion, of Huebsch and his crew next excuses why they won’t pass a budget:

    • "Lower health care costs and BadgerCare Plus means lower profits for drug and insurance companies."
    • "Having great schools is too boastful. We’ll settle for so-so schools." 
    • "If we don’t keep your property taxes high, you won’t have something to complain about during the holidays."
    • "Students will still be able to afford a University of Wisconsin education, and Steve Nass won’t tolerate that."
    • "This whole helping-seniors-pay-for-their-prescription-drugs thing is overrated."
      "Why do we need to monitor child sex offenders when To Catch a Predator does such a good job of it?"
    • "We haven’t gotten the green light from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce."
    • "Hasn’t Big Tobacco suffered enough?"
    • "Without the budget to distract him, who knows what Frank Lasee will do next?"

    If you’re as outraged as we are, go to to give us your opinion of what you think their next excuse will be. We’re looking for all sorts of excuses you think they’ll pass off next – serious, satirical, opinionated, outraged. It’s up to you.

    Stop the excuses!


    Scot Ross is executive director of One Wisconsin Now, which advocates for a progressive public policy agenda.

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