How about a stimulus rebate for businesses?

    I watched as Lou Dobbs described the package my president was looking to give out to EVERY American to "get them spending" $800 and $1,600 per family, based on single or married status.

    I’m married, so I would receive $1600. Great. Now what? We will put it into our daughters’ 529 accounts for their future.

    Most folks will spend it within a week, and good for them. Yet, we are going to give that money to EVERY American? Everyone, even those who don’t work, even those who pay no taxes whatsoever? Then watch as a bubble bursts over everyone … OK, right, and Republicans and Democrats will hold hands and sing "Kumbaya!"

    Ok, now let’s be serious. Why don’t you give a tax stimulus to the businesses in the USA who employ Americans? Allow us to hire more Americans! Allow us to grow, so more hard-working American men and women who are not afraid to work want to work, so more Americans who are willing to come to work every day can?

    Here are the benefits: You don’t have a class war on those who pay taxes and those who do not.

    You get more tax dollars in the state, local and yes, the federal economies, because we business owners spend more than one married family’s $1,600 windfall.

    Government gets more tax dollars for needed projects, and in Wisconsin’s case, to try to balance the budget.

    We in turn hire more employees, which we could use, to grow our business. We buy more consumer products, computers, office supplies and even toilet paper.

    Let me put it this way. We have 52 employees, you provide a package for us based on those employees, let’s say $2000 per, so $100,000 (ballpark, play with the numbers whatever you like). I would hire three to four new employees, give them health care, 401k, a health savings account and pay 33 percent tax on them, so basically I am then investing. We average $50,000 or so per employee per salary, so we could create $150,000 to $200,000 in new salary, not including all the taxes and benefits to the government.

    So, don’t just look to the financial markets, the home lenders and the homebuilders to give a stimulus to. Look to the other companies in the USA who are ready to help now.

    Now, I call that a stimulus package for America and the hard-working American worker!


    Christopher Carter is the chief executive officer of CCI in Milwaukee.

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