Glyzewski, Dave

Last updated on May 13th, 2019 at 02:42 pm

Dave Glyzewski,   President
Centare Group, Ltd

Brookfield, Wi

What does your daily or weekly fitness regime consist of?
"It varies – from spring through fall it consists of 20-30 miles of running per week. In the winter months it’s a mix of cross country skiing and running as the weather permits (when there’s snow). Additionally in the summer months I try to wakeboard at least once per week."

Other than the obvious health benefits, how has being fit improved your life?
"As a business owner and father, being fit has helped me maintain the youthful feeling that I’ve had all my life. I’m not interested in growing up. I have 2 daughters (7 & 10). I enjoy the fact that I can be active with them not just watching them. It’s a great feeling to be able to talk to people about how you’ve run 7-8 marathons. It gives you a sense of accomplishment that relatively few people have the opportunity to complete."

How does personal fitness affect your work life?
"Exercise helps keep me centered. My business keeps me occupied 24 x 7. When I’m exercising it helps me to let go of the issues of the day and re-focus on things that are important. It’s definitely a great way to reduce the stress associated with running a business."

Do you have a corporate health or wellness initiative?

How does fitness or wellness affect your overall organization?
"I try to encourage individuals to take the next step in fitness. Most of our employees are 25-35 years old and are active in some sporting or physical activity but don’t have a regimen that they follow. The important thing with fitness is making it a daily routine. It can’t be optional or it will never occur. I try to lead by example and encourage staff to join me when there are events (specifically running) to help get people started. Our oranization is involved with Al’s Run on an annual basis. I work to get as many individuals running with me as possible."

What advice do you have for other executives interested in starting either a personal fitness plan or corporate wellness initiative?
"Start slow. It can’t happen overnight. Look at it the same way you look at your 401k or retirement investments. Work at it now so that you can enjoy life more fully when you retire."

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