Fusion Recruiters LLC

2022 Future 50 Winner

John Hagenow
John Hagenow

Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 03:05 pm

Waterford  |  Founded: 2009
Industry: Staffing
Employees: 13

Fusion Recruiters offers retained search services for upper-level positions in human resources, marketing, sales, communications, strategy, legal and operations.

What factors have contributed the most to your growth in the past three years?

John Hagenow, chief executive officer: “Building long-term, genuine relationships and partnerships. Clients who become friends, and friends who become clients. Employment brand and company culture have allowed us to hire some of the best and brightest recruiters who share a passion for building authentic relationships. We’re hiring great people so they not only bring their experiences and expertise, but also tell us what to do – not us telling them what to do. Unlimited paid time off and being fully remote with an award-winning team helps build our strong culture.”

Do you plan to make any changes to your company?

“Yes. Recruiting and partnering with leading companies to bring talent into their organizations is an ongoing evolution. We’re currently building out a dedicated health care vertical to specialize and focus on clinical health care recruitment.”

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