Cartoons make prevention fun

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin recently launched an H1N1 influenza prevention campaign geared toward informing educators, parents, caregivers and children on the importance of practicing healthy habits this cold and flu season. "Children’s Flu Fighters," will help educate children (K-12) about how to prevent the spread of viruses -including H1N1 – as well as other common winter illnesses. "Everyone, even children, has a role to play when it comes to stopping the spread of germs," said Dr. Seth Foldy, state health officer and administrator of the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. "Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Flu Fighters campaign is a fun way to reach and engage children to develop good habits to minimize the spread of the flu. Flu Fighters will be an effective tool to help parents, educators and caregivers teach kids how to stomp out germs." The Children’s Flu Fighters campaign was developed with children in mind. It focuses on four key steps for preventing the spread of viruses and common winter illnesses: 1. Wash your hands; 2. Cover your cough; 3. Sneeze in your sleeve; 4. Take the day off. Four characters named the Flu Fighting Four help reinforce the prevention points.

  • Missy Clean:  Nothing fights germs better than squeaky clean hands. And Missy Clean is always ready with a sudsy scrub and a dollop of antibacterial gel!

  • Captain Cough: Sharing is great, except when it comes to germs. So Captain Cough covers his mouth with his arm with every cough, and tells his friends to do the same.

  • Super Sneeze: AHH-CHOO! A super sneeze can knock you out – and your friends too if you’re not careful. That’s why Super Sneeze uses her sleeve to protect others from getting covered in yuck. 

  • R&R Kid: Sometimes nasty germs can get to you, leaving you with a low-down frown. Take a lesson from the R&R Kid – when you’re sick, stay home. Rest is best! Kick back, take a snooze and relax those aches away.

The campaign reinforces these messages through the Web site parents, educators and caregivers can look to the website for up to date prevention information regarding H1N1, seasonal flu or other illnesses. The site also features expert blogs and downloadable activity sheets for children.

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