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Last updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 10:03 am

Sara Meaney, partner, left brain of Comet Branding in Milwaukee

Name: Sara Meaney

Title: Partner, Left Brain

Company: Comet Branding LLC

Company address: 900 S. 5th St., #203 Milwaukee, WI 53204

Company web site: cometbranding.com

Industry: Marketing + Public Relations

Education: BS psychology, UW-Madison.

Family:  "Married to my husband Mark with two daughters, Keelin (4), Fiona (2) and a greyhound/retriever mix named Guinness."

Hobbies and Interests: "Music, friends, outdoors, performing arts, travel, reading."

Favorite book and/or movie: “Book: ‘Catcher in the Rye‘ I’ve read it 10 plus times, and movie: Uncle Buck, I’ve watched it 10 plus times.”

Favorite musician/band: Ray LaMontagne, Asa, John Mayer, Nick Drake.

Favorite place to visit/vacation: "Anywhere that includes heat and a beach."

Favorite local restaurant: "A three-way tie between La Merenda, Calderone Club and Conejito’s."

Words to live by: "You get what you give."

What is your core philosophy for doing business? “Doing the ethical thing is always the right thing in the long term, even if it’s harder in the short term.”

Who is your role model and why? “I don’t have just one but I admire many people for different reasons.”

What was the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? “I think this is more humiliating than funny, but back in college, I was running late and walking very quickly to get to a quiz for a large lecture class. The lace loop on one boot caught on the hook of the other boot and tripped me up while my backpack slipped off my shoulders and down to my elbows. With my arms pinned at my side by my backpack straps, I fell forward with my feet attached at the laces and my arms unavailable to stop my fall. I bounced about three times, skidded on my face and tore my boots and the knees of my pants. An audience of what seemed to be nearly 100 witnesses pointed at and applauded me as I picked myself up. Laughing and in pain, I proceeded to arrive late to the quiz. The lecture hall of 400 plus students was packed, with only front row seats available, requiring me to make my way all the way down to the front in torn clothing and bleeding from my chin, nose, hands and knees. Fortunately, my professor took pity on my pathetic appearance and granted me five minutes to clean myself up and return to the quiz with no penalty. Around campus, I was recognized for weeks as ‘the person who skipped like a stone on her face.'”

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