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President of Milwaukee based Joan Lloyd & Associates, Inc. Executive coach & management consultant with 98% success record (measured by clients). Specialties: Executive/leader team coaching; 360-degree feedback processes & development plans; facilitating executive planning retreats, resolving team dynamics issues, presentation skills coaching. Corporate experience includes officer of Northwestern Mutual, Miller Brewing, Clark Oil and Refinery.

Examining how you treat people

One of the most interesting things about being a consultant is that I have the opportunity to see a wide variety of people and...

Praising well is an art

Question: “In one of your articles, you addressed 'not using competition as a motivator' and suggested that praising the results of one person in a...

Personality shift

Most companies are hard at work trying to reinvent themselves. They realize the old culture that made them successful must evolve if they are...

Resistance to change is often subtle

Dear Joan: “Having worked for state and local governments for more than 16 years, I was just wondering how you get past the unstated resistance...

What is an internal HR consultant?: And how do I work...

Dear Joan: “I’ve recently moved to a new company and I’m a manager with a fairly large staff. Most of my experience is in manufacturing...

Overcontrol kills: Managers need to let go

Overcontrolling managers breed failure in their employees and in their own careers “All of us were thrilled when Ed was promoted as our manager. We...

The art of effective teams: It takes more than just meetings

"Dear Joan: My company has recently begun the ‘team approach.’ Basically, what this means is people from several areas of the company are being...

Respectful confrontation saves time and trust: Settle the issue face-to-face

If people only talked to each other, most of the conflict in the workplace would disappear. Instead, it seems when we are wounded by someone...

Ego and leadership: Do you know any OE types?

“It's all about Charlie,” my colleague muttered, as we waited for him once again for a meeting. “He never thinks about anyone else's schedule. His is always more important – and he'll let you know it.”

Fifteen minutes later, with a few quick jokes and a dazzling smile, he swept into the room. Before long he was on his email, and then stepped out to take a call.

What's going on here?

Build cooperation: When you must step into others’ turf

Dear Joan:
“I have recently been appointed marketing manager of the firm I work for. My new duties include crossing functional lines of a dozen departments to direct and implement our marketing programs. Two of the individuals I deal with are close personal friends, who prefer to deal with each other directly rather than following the chain of command. In order to be effective in my position, I must have the cooperation of them on a day-to-day basis and need to assure them it is necessary to respect the chain of command. How can I be assertive and obtain their cooperation without appearing aggressive?”

Alternatives to bad advice about public speaking

If making a presentation in front of a group makes your heart pound and your throat close up, you're not alone. And even more...

Stop that! Get out of your staff’s way

“We measure ourselves by what are we doing new, versus what we are doing well,” a client told me recently.

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