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The opportunity for active management

Natural resources and the labor market, the strength of the dollar, emerging markets, and political instability sharpen the focus on the importance of active management.

Fed Projections Aren’t A Soft Landing

While the markets anticipated another 75 basis point hike in the Fed Funds rate, some analysts were surprised to hear the Fed revise its projections for a rougher 2023. Can both GDP and unemployment rise in 2023? Annex Wealth Management's Mark Beck and Jason Cooper discuss.

13 million watch first streaming-only NFL game

That’s a big number and the most watched program of the night.

The Fed rate raise

75 basis points for the 3rd straight time in a battle to bring inflation under control.

The slowdown in house flipping

Flipping houses was hot for a long time, but it might be coming in for a hard landing.

Planning In A Downturn: Not Everyone Has A Cardi B

As the markets await the Fed's next rate decision, many indicators seem to indicate an economic downturn - and the potential that some areas may worsen in the coming months. It may be time to review what you own, and why - or look for a wealthy relative to assist. Not everyone has the latter choice.

I Need To Take An Early Withdrawal From My Retirement Account

Questions about Early Withdrawals From Retirement Accounts, Investing Exclusively In US Companies, Best Roth Provider, Backdoor Roth IRAs, Retire or Be Fired? Answered by Annex Wealth Management's Sarah Kyle and Randy Winkler.

The Fed has more work to do.

While the consumer still spends, the yield curve inverts. Fixed income becomes more attractive while the Fed fights to reduce demand to combat inflation.

FEDEX’s Huge Earnings Miss May Be A Sign

Many analysts consider FEDEX an economic bellwether, so when the company reported a massive earnings miss, the markets noticed. Is FEDEX demonstrating a future problem - or are earnings already off? Annex Wealth Management's Dave Spano and Derek Felske discuss.

Ford puts the squeeze on their dealers

The company has given 3,000 dealers an ultimatum: If they want to sell EVs, they’ll need to invest their own money,

The looming rail strike

If it happens, it could cost the US economy $2 billion a day.

Inflation remains an issue

After July’s reading, there was hope for a soft landing without much economic distress.

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