America must return to its Constitutional roots

For several years, the unemployment of Americans in the United States has been very high and is steadily increasing. This high rate of unemployment has greatly affected the entire American economy. All areas of the American economy have been greatly affected by this problem.

Imports to the U.S, for many years have increased and as the imports increased, the rate unemployment of American’s has been increasing too. There are many reasons for the increase in imports.

The concern I have is the financial funding of the United States government – our government was never intended to be financed by taxing its citizens but by leveling taxes and fees on the goods and manufactured products brought into our country.

The primary purpose of the newly formed government were to protect the people’s God-given rights – their liberties and freedoms as well as protect the union of states – not tax or extract property from the American people to fund the operation of government.    

Jobs have been the focus of nearly every candidate seeking an elective office. Our government is the main cause, but I don’t have the facts to hopefully put a factual picture together. My premise is the Constitution for the United States – sole purpose is to create a government and the purpose of the government is to protect the rights of people and protect the states. In effect, the people and the states created a nation to the outside world.

What has happened is our government is failing in its responsibilities to its people and their states by permitting other nations to ship their manufactures products in to the U.S (Imports) with a very low rate of tax while at the same time when products manufactured here in the U.S. are exported to other nations and the other nations are taxing the American made products at a much higher tax. The situation creates an unfair competitive advantage for the cost of labor in favor of other nations. 

The unfair advantage is very harmful financially to the people of the U.S. because the ultimate cause has been ever increasing unemployment to the America people. This increasing of rate of unemployment has had and is a serious effect on the entire our nation’s financial economy.

My main point is our government was created by the Constitution to protect “We The People” and the Union of the States. The created federal government was given limited but specific powers to accomplish this important responsibility. Instead, our elected individuals are not obeying their responsibilities to protect the American people’s God-given rights and to protect the Union of States by disregarding their responsibilities of trust by doing just the opposite. Our government is favoring nations with low-cost labor rather than protect the employment and rights of Americans – rather than protect these rights the government is taking the property under the color of law from Americans.

Our Congress has assumed their purpose is to micro-manage (control) the lives of the American people, the economy and control the states. This (unconstitutional power) control by the Congress is the source of many of our nation’s problems.

Dennis Kaun is a retired insurance agent who lives in Elm Grove and is a former Wisconsin State Assembly candidate.

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