Luxurious rec room remodel

The Executive Spring 2020

An empty nester Glendale couple transformed their unfinished basement into a 450-square-foot upscale bourbon- and cigar-themed man cave.

The $32,000 project, designed and remodeled by Property ReVision, features a motorcycle, brick feature wall, illuminated shelving to display bourbon, an exhaust fan to manage cigar smoke, a fireplace and lounge area.

“Our client really enjoys cigars and bourbon and he had big ideas to renovate the unfinished basement,” said Property ReVision owner and project manager Jason Schafer.

“Originally, he planned to finish the room himself, but as his ideas became more grand, he knew he’d need professional help.”

A classic Honda 550 motorcycle customized as a café racer is prominently displayed, an idea inspired by the homeowner’s passion for motorcycles. Sitting just behind the motorcycle is a brick feature wall, which was made to match the same brick used to build the fireplace.

The fireplace is topped off with a live edge wood mantel, which matches a large slab of wood with light fixtures used to illuminate the motorcycle.

The floor was given a coating of urethane mixed with copper dust to give a nebulous pattern that paired well with the cigar and bourbon theme.

The homeowner’s vast collection of bourbon sits on elevated and recessed shelving with a brick backdrop similar to that of the motorcycle backdrop.

Among the project challenges were finding the proper exhaust fan to adequately manage the cigar smoke and selecting the best lighting for the recessed shelves to really showcase the homeowner’s bourbon collection.

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