2011 Fittest Execs Overall Top 20

RankExecutive & CategoryFittness RoutineHow does personal fitness affect your work life?
1Tina Semotan
Female 40-49
VP of HR & Organizational Development – Franklin Energy
Workout every other day. Cardio – running 5-6 miles. Lift weights, core work, push-ups, sit-ups & stretching daily.It not only keeps you physically fit, but mentally fit. I lead by example and have brought that enthusiasm to every company I have worked with. The enitre company can benefit. It brings people together.
2Alan Petelinsek
Male 50+
President CEO – Power Test, Inc.
Some form of endurance exercise 6 days per week. Swim 2-3 miles per week, Bike 100-150 miles per week, Run 15-25 miles per week, Cross train with kettlebells. Sail and Ski.My Big Audacious Goal is to compete in Ironman WI 2012. People are montioring and watching my progress. Numerous have joined in our on site corporate fitness classes.
3Nick Kroll
Male 40-49
President/CEO – Aries Industries, Inc.
Cycling, Weight Lifting, Stretching, Core Work, Hiking, GolfStress relief, greater energy, and sharper mind.
4Brion Collins
Male 25-39
Owner – Lake Country Wealth Management
Elliptical 2x/week, Softball 1x/week, Stretching/Sit-ups/Push-ups, running after kids.I am pleasant (at least I think I am… maybe you need to ask my team members) and always ready to tackle the next challenge.
5Ryan Toshner
Male 25-39
Owner – TNT Performance
An average week consists of 3-4 total hours of training including strength, cardiovascular, and stretching components using my own body weight, kettlebells, and the occasional barbell for resistance. I also enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, and snowboarding.I started and own a fitness training business, so fitness IS my work life. I follow a nutrition and training program that is fun, effective, and sustainable.
6Bill Budzien
Male 50+
CFO – Willis of Wisconsin, Inc.
I work out almost everyday, sometimes twice a day, and either lift weights, run, bike, or swim.Noon workouts break-up the work day, reduce stress, and keep me alert in the afternoons. I feel I am more productive if I can complete a workout during the noon hour.
7Tom Shepherd
Male 25-39
Partner – Inland Companies, Inc.
Running (5 to 20 miles), Biking, Swimming (1-2 miles), Weight training (2x per week at least), core excercises (3-4 x per week), softball (2x per week), upland bird hunting, downhill and cross country skiing, triathlons, marathons, and bike races whenever I can!Endurance training has become an important part of my life, and now I have made contacts in the business world that also enjoy these activities.
8Jeremy Cardenas
Male 25-39
Owner – Midwest Insurance Group
My weekly fitness regime involves cross training. This would consist of weight training, running, mountain biking/ spinning and assisting as a wrestling coach at UW Whitewater.Daily exercise improves the productivity on a consistent basis and I feel more at ease and calm in the work environment.
9Jeff Allsop
Male 50+
Principal – Capital Investment Services of America
I normally workout 4-5 days a week. Mornings start with 30-45 min. weight/resistance and 30-45 minutes over lunch for a cardio workout.Improved mental sharpness during working hours. Less tired during working hours.
10Jim Hoefflin
Male 40-49
Partner / COO – Hanson Dodge Creative
Running 3 miles three or four times a week.More energy, better concentration, better stress management.
11Gerald Coon
Male 50+
Executive Director – St. Francis Children’s Center
Weight training and cardio exercise early mornings M-F. Pilates weekends. I am also a vegetarian and watch what I eat, although I am not a fanatic about it.I rarely get sick and I don’t miss work due to illness.
12Paul Schueller
Male 50+
CEO – Franklin Energy
Varied 3 to 4 times per week. Running, biking, treadmill, weights. Whatever I can squeeze in.Work and family life lead. Fitness fits if and when possible.
13Sara Meaney
Female 25-39
Partner – Hanson Dodge Creative
Walking, chasing after my kidsBeing fit and feeling fit helps me perform at my best in all aspects of my life, especially in a professional setting. It helps me to maintain a balance in my life and provides an outlet for the occasional work-related stress.
14Annette Gelhar
Female 50+
Director of Marketing – InWellness
Macrobiotic diet; Daily meditation; 7 – 9 hrs sleep; 2x/wk at the gym; 1-2x/wk long walks; Yard workI’m an example for my organization, since Wellness is our mission.
15Brian Curry
Male 40-49
PhysioGenix, Inc.
I workout 6 mornings per week with long sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Workouts include cardio, weight training, cycling, and fitness classes (P90X and Insanity). Try to supplement with water sports, tennis, geocaching and rock climbing any chance I get.I work long hours 7 days a week. Without my 4:00 a.m. workouts I would quickly burnout.
16Lawrence Schreiber
Male 40-49
President – Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Wisconsin
The basics… Running about 5.5 to 6.5 miles a day for a total of 30 to 35 miles per week. I also get in a couple of hundred sit ups and push ups per week. In addition, I just recently introduced P90X into my routine about 2 days per week.I exercise at work right around midday. I can tell you first hand that my midday routine improves my attitude and mood while boosting my productivity so I can finish the day strong.
17Scott Krizek
Male 40-49
Wealth Management Advisor – The Krizek Group
Run 4-5 days/week. Strength 2 days/week. Cycle 1-2 days/week.Being fit gives me energy and confidence to handle the constant change that our business faces.
18Sarah Oberling
Female 25-39
Executive Vice President – Olive Promotions
Run 2-3 miles 1-2 times a week. Bike 20 miles 1-2 times a week. Walk 3-4 miles, 1-2 times a weekGreat stress outlet.
19Steve Hipp
Male 40-49
President – Athea
I try and work out every morning before work.Keeps me more productive at work.
20Tim Dodge
Male 50+
President – Hanson Dodge Creative
Running 4-5 times a week. Weight lifting 2 x week. Biking once a week. Tennis once a week.Feeling stronger gives me the confidence to deal with whatever happens in my day. I also find that exercise makes me more level and patient in dealing with others.

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