Walker is a hypocritical fiscal conservative

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Let me get this straight. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker blasts Gov. Jim Doyle in his latest invitation to his Waukesha County fundraiser. But it is the governor and the State Senate that have placed $19 million in additional money for Milwaukee County.

This is the same money that Walker has placed in his own 2008 recommended budget. If his apparently favored State Assembly version of the state budget were to pass, Milwaukee would lose $17 million in state revenue.
Milwaukee County would have to pass additional property tax increases to make up the shortfall in these mostly mandated service areas. Is County Executive Walker supporting the Assembly version when it comes to fundraising, but the Doyle/Joint Finance version when it comes to proposing an actual Milwaukee County budget?

Oh the hypocrisy, the shame of the man!

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The same Mr. Walker blasted State Sen. Lena Taylor for supporting the Healthy Wisconsin Plan which would save Milwaukee County property taxpayers a minimum of $52 million a year, according to a July 19 report by Milwaukee County’s own health benefits consultant.

Once again, Mr. Walker seems to support higher property taxes in reality but is against them in his campaigning. Milwaukee County’s employee health care costs have risen from $77 million in 2002, when Mr. Walker was elected, to a proposed $139 million in 2008. And still, Mr. Walker opposes any change in state health care policies because that would offend his fundraising base.

This is the same kind of phony fiscal conservatism that Mr. Walker displays every year as he sends the Milwaukee County Board a budget totally unacceptable to the public and which often includes illegal cuts in mandated services that are required by state statute.

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As we have done the past six years, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors will again do the right thing and fix Mr. Walker’s recommended budget. But it is clear that by insulting the governor and the State Senate who are offering Milwaukee County $19 million in additional state aid, Mr. Walker only makes our job that much harder.

But apparently, fundraising and partisan politics comes first for the county executive.

Roger Quindel is a Milwaukee County supervisor.

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