Transcendent LLC

Transcendent LLC
1040 Cottonwood Ave., Suite 300, Hartland
Year founded: 2004
Product or service offered: Full-service IT consulting focused on hosting and managed services. The company also offers infrastructure services including storage solutions, virtualization, email and disaster recovery, in addition to custom .NET development and its SharePoint practice.
Leadership team: Todd Molbeck, CEO; Todd Youngbauer, CTO; Joe Makowski, CSA 
Projected 2015 revenue: $7.5 million
Target clientele: Clients across a myriad of industries that are trying to improve their efficiencies by leveraging the newer technologies from both a hardware and software perspective.
Business organization memberships: Waukesha County Business Alliance
What has fueled your company’s growth?
“We’ve changed our focus on what services we provide and how we provide them. We now focus on a recurring revenue model leveraging our data center for hosting, co-location, disaster recovery and managed services. We also added an inside sales staff, and do a good job of hiring great people. We’re technologists, but we have a team that is business-savvy and possesses good communication skills.”
What is the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth?
“We feel there is a talent shortage, at least in the way we define the people we’re looking to hire. We are constantly looking for more quality staff to add to Transcendent, but we’re selective about who we hire because our clients expect a high level of service. Great talent is still something that is hard to find.”
Do you plan to make any changes to your company?
“We continue to build our managed services and hosting business. We know our service is more of a ‘high touch-point’ offering and we’ll have difficulty competing on price against those national competitors. Thankfully, not everyone is looking for the cheapest solution, but rather a good fit for their organization.”
Who are the business people you admire?
“I really admire Howard Schultz from Starbucks because of the way he went out and achieved his success. Coming back after leaving Starbucks for eight years, he was able to reverse the company’s slide and has had some really innovative ideas on how his employees should be treated.”
What is the outlook for your industry?
“We see a strong second half of the year, especially in the hosting and managed services area. We’re also seeing investing in the newest storage solutions, as well as unified communications, to help companies reduce their overall costs, but give them flexibility for their future growth.”
What is your company’s most important growth strategy?
“We continue to focus on the trend of clients in the SMB market moving to outsourcing their infrastructure, coupled with managed service offerings. This includes our capabilities with enterprise storage, unified communications and disaster recovery offerings.”

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