The Woodworker

Rob Strzelczyk, the owner of Mequon-based First Priority Printing, started woodworking 10 years ago after he and his wife, Cindy, couldn’t decide on a dresser for their first born son, Tyler.

Today, Strzelczyk creates other things with wood, including model cars, cabinets, cutting boards and hand-turned wine stops.

“It started as a way for me to give my oldest son a special gift before he was born,” Strzelczyk said. “I used to do it a ton.”

Strzelczyk and his wife now have a second son, Jackson.

“Now, it’s nice to be able to just relax for an hour or two and actually have something finished,” he said. “The wine stops fit the bill perfectly.”

Strzelczyk recently created a wine stop and a wooden cutting board for the woman who currently lives in his grandmother’s former California home.

“I spent about 45 minutes with her, just reliving some fantastic childhood memories,” Strzelczyk said. “She was incredibly nice, and the wine stop and the cutting board are going to be gifts for her. I hope she’ll be able to celebrate the new kitchen remodel she is planning.”

Strzelczyk said he loves making the wine stops and other gifts for people. He made a few for his grandmother who sold them at her retirement community fundraiser. They sold quickly, and he was asked to make more.

“I need to get an inventory going,” Strzelczyk said. “For me it’s relaxing. I’m a very detail-oriented person and obsessed with the quality. When you give someone a gift and you tell them you made that for them, and why you selected the wood, it really means a lot to the recipient. It’s really like sharing the products of my relaxation time. I enjoy doing it.”

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