Real Estate profile: Robert Clemen

Last updated on May 13th, 2019 at 02:43 pm

managing member, InvestInLand LLC

Company: InvestInLand LLC.

Title: Managing member

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State in entomology; graduate studies at Bethel Seminary.

Family: Wife, Lynn, (37 years) "my high school sweetheart;" four married daughters; and one granddaughter.

City of residence: Williams Bay

Hobbies: Golf, fishing, granddaughter, travel with Lynn

What are you working on? "Two new ventures. Covered Bridges, a conservation style, mixed-use development on 140 acres between Lake Delavan and Lake Geneva, and InvestInLand, a company to allow the average investor to make great returns investing in land and land development."

How does the market look to you? "I work in Lake Geneva and Door County, which are thriving. In my projects, I target the ‘move-down buyer’ around 55 years old, and this group has money to spend."

What was the best deal you’ve ever been involved in? "My parents home on Lake Geneva. They purchased it in 1985 for $550,000 and sold it in 2004 for $2.7 million. And our whole extended family got to enjoy it the entire time that they owned it!"

What was the funniest moment of your career? "I had sold a large development in Pleasant Prairie to Yogi Shah from Milwaukee. He started to act peculiarly, and I backed out of the deal. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared with $10 million of other people’s money and made the FBI’s 10 most wanted list."

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