Project Milestones

Implementation Strategies

Web-based network for creative industries:
By enhancing already existing networks and creating channels for new ones, this resource will enable creatives to connect with each other and business seeking creative talent to find it quickly — it will include job postings, networking events, group affiliations, a creative resource directory, and more. The selected web developer is Spreenkler Creative of Milwaukee. Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration.
Creatives-in-Residence program design:
The goal of this project is to “imbed” creative individuals or organizations in strategically chosen businesses and organizations to help spark creativity and innovation. This project will be designed as a national model. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Impact on the M7 region

  • Support neighborhood commercial revitalization
  • Create jobs and occupational opportunities
  • Help attract and retain talent to further build region’s brand image
  • Enhance competitiveness of existing sectors
  • Encourage entrepreneurial development
  • Widen network of markets and customers

Methodology for Research by Mt Auburn Associates

Composition of creative industries: Those industries and occupational categories that fit within the definition for the M7 region. The identification of these industries and occupations was based first on looking at global experience in defining creative industries. This definition was then customized based upon research and focus groups within the Milwaukee region.
What is being counted:

  • All jobs in commercial and nonprofit enterprises in the defined creative segments. In keeping with all standard economic analysis, this includes creative occupations and non creative occupations. Examples include architects working in architectural firms as well as the clerical and management staff in these firms.
  • Jobs associated with freelance work and self-employment. A large number of individuals in the creative industries earn their living not as “employees”, but as sole proprietors or contractors working on their own.
  • Jobs in creative occupations in industries not in the creative industries. Many other industries depend upon employees in creative occupations for their success. Examples include graphic artists working for financial service firms or industrial designers working for manufacturers.

    Data Sources: Data in this report was primarily derived from Economic Modeling Systems Inc. This company provides a complete picture of industry employment by combining covered employment data from the U.S. Department of Labor Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, with data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, County Business Patterns, and Nonemployer Statistics provided by the US Census. Mt. Auburn Associates and RTS have a proprietary methodology for determining how to allocate certain employment categories across segments.

    All research data provided by Mt. Auburn Associates

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Creativity Works! is actively looking for: potential funders, project participants and partners, and stories describing Milwaukee’s creative industries. Please contact: Shirah Apple, Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee Program Manager at (414) 347-0131 or


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