Notable Women in STEM: Carrie Bristoll-Groll

Class of 2023

  • Category: Notable Women in STEM
  • Number of years working in your current industry: 28
  • Undergrad degree/university: Civil Engineering
  • Graduate degree/university: UWM

Milwaukee’s water technology reputation is due in large part to leaders in government and business, and one of these leaders is Carrie Bristoll-Groll, chief executive officer of Milwaukee-based Stormwater Solutions Engineering. 

“She and her company deliver innovative strategies that make our community safer and healthier. The staff at her company, mostly women, is a rarity in the engineering field. She has built a work culture on cultivating the passion of employees, helping them to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their work,” said Tia Torhorst, chief executive officer of Milwaukee Harbor District Inc. 

“Carrie lives the example of work-life balance and is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow her own person, her company, and her mentees,” said Adrienne Cizek, senior project engineer at Stormwater Solutions. “She’s a very empowered female boss who loves to raise everyone up in the office. She wants to see everyone improving and growing and sharing knowledge with each other.”