Notable Executive Assistants: Donna Jeske

Executive assistant to the chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation

Donna Jeske has had a wide-reaching impact on the evolution of Rockwell’s culture. The positive energy she brings to this highly visible role is a perfect complement to the significant changes Rockwell is making, according to her boss, Blake Moret, chairman and chief executive officer of Rockwell Automation.

“The work is serious, but Donna fosters a spirit of collaboration that people can feel, regardless of their role. This sense of shared purpose is always desirable, but at no time more than during the last year, when people have often felt alone, tense, and anxious about the future,” he said. “Donna maintains this positive energy across the wide spectrum of people who contact this office, from customers to board members to employees. She is firm when needed, but she also champions the idea of personal accessibility across business functions and levels that is a prized part of Rockwell’s culture. Combining these attributes with a legendary work ethic is a rare talent.”

Jeske often serves as a conduit between the outside world and what goes on inside Rockwell. Many community leaders go out of their way to remark on how much they enjoy working with her, Moret said.