New beer honors Milwaukee baseball legend Spahn

Last updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 10:03 am

Warren Spahn, former Milwaukee Braves pitching legend who played from 1953 until 1964 and won 363 games over his 21 seasons, is being honored with a new beer that pays homage to his nickname and his impressive record.

Spahnie 363 LLC and its affiliate, Oklahoma-based Choc Beer Company, is producing the beer, which will be distributed in the Milwaukee area exclusively through Beer Capitol and W.O.W. distributing company.

Joe Prichard, owner of Choc Beer Company, co-owns Spahnie 363 LLC with Greg Spahn, Warren Spahn’s son. The two became friends growing up.

"I fondly remember when dad would pack up the family and hit the road with several cases of Choc beer in the car to visit the Spahns in Milwaukee during the summer," Prichard said. "So came the inspiration to produce a beer that would pay tribute to the American legend Warren Spahn and the legacy of the friendship between a great beer maker and a legendary baseball player.”

Spahnie 363 is the first kolsch-style beer brewed by Choc Beer Company in Krebs, Okla. Brewmaster Michael Lalli has combined Wisconsin malt, imported German hops, proprietary German yeast and bottled conditioning to achieve a smooth, crisp ale that is wonderfully refreshing and serves as a great companion to German cuisine, earthy cheeses and smoked and grilled meats. Spahnie 363 will be available year-round in Milwaukee, Arkansas and Oklahoma. 

 "It’s so exciting to know that many toasts and good memories will be shared while drinking Spahnie 363," Greg Spahn said. "My father could not have asked for a better memoriam than that."

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